Name: Limni (male)

Date of birth:  January 2017

Height to shoulder:  currently 42 cm

Vaccinated:  yes

Neutered: no

ok with dogs, not tested with cats

Admitted to foster home:  April 2017


Limni was found limping on the street by a volunteer. Immediately she saw that his left hind leg was crippled. He was born like that and we guess that he was exposed and left to his fate.

His finder immediately collected him from the street and took him home with him. After he was feed up he was ready for a surgery on his crippled leg. Meanwhile, Limni has completely recovered from the sugery and is a joyful and playful puppy.

Limni loves all people and understands very well with other dogs. He don´t care about that he is “only” a three-legged dog, he run and play like all the other puppies.  

If you are in love with Limni and you would like to give him a second chance in life, please contact us.