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Who we are

We are a registered charity (Charity number 3468) run by a small volunteer network of dog lovers who have worked for several years with our partner organisations.  These include dog shelters in Cyprus, mainly in the Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca areas, and Zypernhunde in Germany

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Dog of the Week






Carmen got dumped outside a municipality pound in a cardboard box with her 6 puppies. She was lucky that she was found by a volunteer that went to the pound on a Sunday morning to pick up a dog for a flight.

Carmen was very scarred and dehydrated. Foster homes were found for the pups, but nobody wanted to foster the mom. Luckily a shelter could take her in.

She is not scarred anymore, loves to play and to run. Carmen is looking for an active home, which plays and runs with her a lot.

If you are interested in Carmen und you would like to give her an active home, then please contact us via mail:

Hot off the Press!

IMG_6782We received new photos and a video and Trudy and Heath. Click “here” for more. 

DuddleyinFHWe have new pictures of our little boy Duddley. Click on the name to see the pictures. 

StaceyinFHWe also received new photos of Stacey from her foster home. Click on the name for more informations. 

GusinFHWe have new photos and a nice video of Gus from his foster home in Germany. Click “here” for more. 

PatrickinFHWe have new photos of Patrick from his foster home in Germany. Click on the name for more. 

SophoclesSDPlease have a look on our category “We are looking for a sponsor!” We have a lot of dogs which are looking for a sponsor, who support their life in the shelter. These dogs are not for rehoming, because they are too old or sick. Please open your heart and support these poor babies. Thank you!

URGENT APPEAL We rehomed over 300 dogs last year, but that increased success has come at a cost and we are in desperate need of funds to continue our work.  The full cost of rehoming a dog is never recouped and the more dogs we rehome the bigger the shortfall is becoming.  Please, please help us with a donation, no matter how small every cent helps the dogs.


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