The greatest support for a dog you can be if you offer a dog as a foster home and save him from the animal shelter everyday.

We are always looking for foster homes especially for puppies and for dogs they are allowed to travel to their families soon.

The housing of a dog in a foster home is also made room for a new dog at the shelter.

Can you imagine to house a dog from us until he is adopted? Please then contact us.

We would be very grateful.


Why foster a dog?

The main reason to foster a dog is to help save lives of dogs who have deserved it! We currently only have a few permanent foster homes, which limits the number of lives we save. Fostering is certainly a large commitment, but the rewards are endless! As a foster parent, you gain constant companionship, experience with different types of dogs, and the knowledge that you are helping to save a life and provide very deserving dogs with loving and permanent homes.

Time of foster

Some dogs are adopted quickly and may only stay in their foster home for a few days, while others may be around for a few months until they find their perfect forever home.

Does it cost you anything?

No, it cost nothing, only time 😉 We will also provide you with everything you need to successfully foster a dog, including information and support, food, crates, bowls, treats, leashes, medicine etc.

You should not foster a dog…

… if you don´t have enough time for a dog. Fostering requires a significant amount of time and dedication to providing a happy, safe, and healthy environment for our dogs.