Information adopting costs


We are very pleased that you want to adopt one of our wonderful Cyprus dogs. You will not be disappointed, they will pay you back with more love and affection than you can ever imagine.

Whilst we are thrilled to see another dog going to a good home, we do need to cover our costs and raise money to help even more dogs and continue our Education and Training programmes and other projects we have from time to time.

Therefore we need to inform you of the costs involved for your proposed adoption.


Adoption within Cyprus

Adult Dogs

All adult dogs will come to you fully vaccinated, wormed, flea and tic treated, neutered, micro-chipped and blood tested, and with a full bill of health. We carry all of this out for less money than you could do with individual dogs at your own vets, therefore although we need to have these costs covered it would be significantly less for you than doing it yourself. Those costs will be advised to you, prior to adoption, depending on the dog you choose. Some dogs do come to us with many of these things (such as neutering) already done so therefore we would not charge you if we have not had to incur the expense ourselves.

On top of these costs you will make a minimum €80 donation to CyDRA.

Before you make a final decision we will ensure you are fully aware of the total outlay for your new family member, but it will be worth every cent.



Depending on the age of the puppy you choose the costs will vary. Some will have full vaccinations but if you are adopting within Cyprus, some may not have yet had their second vaccination. They will also be too young to have been neutered but you will be required to sign that you will carry out this procedure at the appropriate age. Puppies will be flea and tic treated and wormed and any necessary blood tests completed.

So as with an adult dog, we will advise you of the costs needed to be covered prior to adoption.

On top of these costs you will make a minimum €50 donation to CyDRA.



Adoptions outside of Cyprus

Obviously adoptions outside of the island will incur transport costs.

We have set rates with our German partners. For the UK and other countries, where adoption from Cyprus is possible, individual costings will apply.

As a rough guide (and it will depend on the individual dog) you should budget for approximately 250 euros for medical preparation (vaccinations, neutering, micro-chipping, rabies vaccination etc). In addition there will be the cost of the flight. This varies greatly depending on the air line, and whether we can secure a place on a group flight or not. If it is a group flight the cost will be approximately 400 euros which will include a travel box which will be returned to us. If it is an individual booking then it can be as much as 700 – 800 euros plus a box. Unfortunately we have no control over the air line charges.

Please note that we do not make a charge for the costs involved in transporting the dog to and from vet visits, airport etc. This comes out of our fund raising and donations. We therefore always appreciate a donation from adopters to enable us to help more dogs on there way to a better life.